My name is Michele Francoeur and it  is my calling to create inspiring art for you.... I love bringing joy, passion and peace to your home...

welcome to!!!

welcome to!!!

from my heart to your home...

I have been creating since I was a child. Ever since I was child I have always loved and had an  appreciation for beauty. Whenever I saw the world's beauty my heart would sing... I was 12 my mother gave me my first watercolor set and my heart was filled joy.

I followed the path of creativity. I went to art school in NYC for graphic design and become a graphic designr. It was when I had children that I came back to the path of painting. I took some bright pastels and filled the paper with vibrant shapes and colors. My first abstract painting... I started painting again and even went back to graduate school to get my Masters degree in Painting-a  full circle...

Art is an incredible process: it connects, communicates and is a form of expression./brings inspiration to us,, It is an universal language, a picture of an apple is the same all around the world.. We communicate thru picture,it resonates with our souls, it lifts us up and inspires us..

 Our environment is so important to us, it soothes us, grounds us, restores and rejuvenate us.. ... I have always surrounded myself with beautiful art. I hope to do the same for you...

I have made it my mantra to create my work. l look inward to express emotion and outward to embrace the beauty I see in the world. Nature's silent magnitude brings joy and passion to the colors that fall from by brush.

I hope to bring beauty and joy to your home,


fun facts!

I am a watercolorist at first paintings were waterolcors abstracted florals and landscapes. I fell in love with the transparency, light and fluidty.

I have a passion for  interior design and love to compose space. I am an avid country chic person amd love to paint and distress furniture amd frames......

I lived in Santa Fe New Mexicoand had my first child there. The bright vivid colors against the earth tones imprinted on my heart...

I went to massage school during my firt pregnancy and went back to painting- my first child is becoming an architect!!!

I am an art educater and pass on the tradition of communicating thru pictures. Visito my art educators instagram account for ideas for you little ones!!!!

why art matters

why art matters